Frequently asked questions

Are Section 8 vouchers Portable?

One year after converting to the Section 8 program, an income-qualified family can request a Housing Choice Voucher pending funding availability. The voucher program allows tenants to move anywhere in the United States where Section 8 vouchers are accepted.

Will I need to move or relocate during construction?

During the renovation process, current residents will be able to remain in place, in their apartments, with appropriate accommodations for disabled residents and others that require special assistance. In the event that some rehabilitation work is not possible with residents in place due to safety or health concerns, The Rangel PACT Partner team will be responsible for all relocation efforts, and residents will have the right to return to their apartments after work is completed.

How will rent be determined? Will my rent increase?

For residents who convert to the Section 8 program, rent will continue to be set at 30% of adjusted gross household income, and residents will not need to pay a new security deposit. Residents will not be re-screened prior to signing a new lease. Any changes to your household composition (for example, if you add family members onto your lease) can change your portion of the rent, but it will always be set to 30% of the household income.

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